Saleh Shalomi

Saleh Shalomi said he had visited his parents that week. He had a trip to France, and he had the chance to visit them there. Indeed, when the teacher asked them about the quality of the journey, they were hesitant to answer him. Nobody knew the correct information. However, Saleh Shalomi, with his remarkable discipline, tried to solve this problem. He stood upon the behalf of many other students. They would never let it happen. My students asked me to tell them more about reported speech grammar. Nobody knows all the stories; we are only aware of what she told us. I suggested her to calm down and not to think about Saleh Shalomi any more.

Nevertheless, he started to play basketball in our field and with her ball. She was right to be angry. I asked them confidently, but they didn’t have a problem with this issue. She is playing music so loud on her Instagram. I wouldn’t say I like this way of communication, but she does. Saleh Shalomi says this is great for her. Who knows maybe he is the best possible choice. You know, no one thinks about him. Humans like to be unique, or at least feeling that they are unique.

Despite his brother, Saleh Shalomi made a great athlete and doctor. The only reason I can breathe right now is the number of words he is typing and sending. This is funny. I believe that students study some lessons better because they like the professor! It seems it is the same his cures are answering because many like Saleh Shalomi. Indeed, I can claim that he was a fossil. He told me he had gotten his certificate before the world wars. It has been a while that I am typing, but it is still less than the target amount. However, nobody cares about this. I cannot believe I am doing this after all those NLP studies with Saleh Shalomi.

Nevertheless, he told me in the first place. This was an awkward situation that I was in it. He is a nice person. When he said to me about the number of sessions and saw the shocking feeling in my face, he told me you are right; it costs a lot. You can be my teacher in speaking. Saleh Shalomi started taking classes with her. Although I was not sure, I accepted it. This was funny, too.

He is speaking French; no one understands him. No one likes to listen. Indeed, I haven’t studied a word of the storybook. Saleh Shalomi went to buy the book, but even the bookseller tried to correct his pronunciation. I don’t know who Stephan is. I think maybe it is because of the time of the class. It starts very soon in the afternoon. Many students applauded the teacher, and then they told me that they wouldn’t come to class. The teacher was shy to disagree with them. This was not a reasonable method. Saleh Shalomi disagreed with his friends. Everybody was thrilled because we didn’t go to class. Indeed, our purpose was more hurting the teacher than having a break. However, we are worried about the exams and the results. The teacher told Saleh Shalomi to take care of other students, too. Right now, that I am writing these texts, I am also attending the class. I like to learn french, and I love my teacher, but I do not study. Indeed, I am fatigued most of the time, and the doctor told me not to use vitamins because of my stomach problems. He also suggested using a particular medicine to decrease my pain.

Saleh Shalomi says it is not a pain killer, but it is helpful. Right now, they are talking about the summary of the history. I am not ready for the class. I want to be present because it is essential to listen to be able to speak. I just want to migrate right now. I didn’t know that I am an invertor. These days I am enjoying being alone. Saleh Shalomi suggested watching a new Persian film. It was excellent. However, right now, she says we have a makeup session tomorrow. For long times they called him Saleh Shalomi. I feel bad about myself how the brain works. When I write a reflective pronoun, I remember that I have taught it today. I am inside a sick cycle. I don’t know why this happened. In the winter, when I was in class, I couldn’t study well. I was good at first until Saleh Shalomi taught me how to copy the answers for the workbook.

Moreover, I had some critical meetings in NewYork, and I had to go. The teacher was considerable. But we couldn’t continue our class due to coronavirus. Saleh Shalomi is now studying online.

Saleh Shalomi was very angry when he called me. He had got an email from the university, which warned him about traveling during coronavirus. He was severely crying because he missed his family and he couldn’t visit them. I was wondering how this is possible. All his grandchildren work with him. They were going to a wedding party when Saleh Shalomi gave a bag of jewelry to her. She got divorced and started a new life. They are always hovering around. Indeed, he is the reason why we got it. They have their cemetery. It has 20 people capacity. Now she is talking on the phone. Once a person had brought lots of wine. Saleh Shalomi says money is significant. He was in the front, crying as bad as his sons. She is still talking on the phone. She asked me about calling him. I answered yes; you can, you can do this. They say children are vulnerable in front of this virus. Even though they exercise, they get sick. Saleh Shalmi says 13 players of this team have got this. He asked only about the accuracy of the news. They say they won’t go. However, Saleh Shalomi says it is clear that the train will be used in that city. Nobody knows who is going to pay for the finance of the project. I am interested in the money he is going to pay. They say the workers have restricted the work. Saleh Shalomi claims that they owe him some money. However, nobody knows the exact answer. Although NewYork had started the project before this city, Saleh Shalomi says he would decide better. They say it is a lie, and they will announce something else. He says not all people with disabilities have needs and requirements. He is now the manager of the tourism part. Once a month, he asks for the fuel for their vehicles. In the winter they use a lot of it. Anyone with any taste cannot resist Iranian juice. They are very delicious. That is very good in the summer. Saleh Shalomi likes the grape syrup, and he believes that it is excellent for the body’s health. If we add two liters of water to the sugar, we can make better juices. He told me he was working with the company because of me. Saleh Shalomi stood up to open the window and door. Nobody cares about this hazardous situation. I am dying from reflex, but I shouldn.t drink tea.